Nakato Grace Story

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Meet Nakato Grace a 22 years beautiful lady you might confuse for a 10 years old girl. Nakato is a resident of Mityana district and she lives with her mother. Grace got a disease at the age four which caused her to slow down in growth at first but continued to freeze her ability to grow like the other children. Her mother is indeed a great woman. She has spent a lot of time suffering with her children. Her husband left her for an issue that she gave birth to a child to which he referred to as abnormal. Grace’s father left when she had started to face the challenging health situations in her life, leaving the family with no hand of support since he was the income generator in the family.

They’ve lived in such tragedies and dilemmas with their single mum. They live in an unpleasant house built of mud and not in a stable or suitable condition for human stay.

Now Grace’s twin sister called Babirye decided to leave home to go and get a job from which she earns pennies to support the family. She has been helping with the provision of food and some little stuff at home which she can afford. We got to meet Grace and her mother through our reach out we made in the areas of Mityana where we got to provide a lot of people including Grace’s family with all that we had such as Posho, soap, sugar, clothes etc. We believe not in helping but sharing what we have with our fellows that are in need.

We look forward to reach out and help more people, we aim at stretching our hands to wherever we can reach because we are compelled to serve.We are so open to the help you can offer because we at Alton Life Changing Initiatives Organisation believe that *everyone has the power to change a life* Thank you and God bless you all


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