About Alton

Alton was born on 31st of December 2016 in Rubaga Hospital he was a healthy boy and he was 5kg, and the mom went through C- section Alton was a smart boy and he loved people. He has a sister and a brother, he was the last born On 2018 December we made a plan of doing his party the same date with his daddy which was 1st January.

Dec 2016

I cannot forget that day because I had plans of spending new years eve praying at the Church. I left home at 6:30pm to go tell the man of the gardens where the party was supposed to be and I came back at 7pm but I didn’t see Alton I went out of the house to look for him but I couldn’t see him.

I and the other people started calling him but he wasn’t anywhere to be found. I decided to go to the police to report a case that my son was messing and I was still doing a settlement my friend called me and told me that I should go back home, I went back but before reaching home I found many people all looking at me I didn’t know what was going on. I entered the gate and people where crying, I entered the house and I found my Alton down and he was already dead, I didn’t believe it because I left home few minutes and someone came killed him and throw his body in a septic tank and we Took his body to Mulago Hospital to get a report of what killed him.

  • The report came out that he was strangled by unknown person up to now the investigation is still going on. That’s how I lost my son
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+256 757 32 7706

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Opposite Police post, Nyanama Road, Uganda