The objective of Alton Life Changing Initiatives

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The objective of Alton Life Changing Initiatives is to put God’s love into action through serving individuals and families in the poorest communities in Uganda by

Providing educational support to orphans, vulnerable children and the disadvantage members of urban / rural communities, complementing the effects of government, existing NGOs and other CBOs in mobilizing funds, and other resources for the purposes of assisting the needy.

Providing supportive environment and platform that foster families in the upbringing of the orphans and vulnerable children.

mobilizing and providing scholastic materials like school uniforms, school shoes, pens, books, and pads for girl. Reading books and pay fees, official and unofficial addition cost.

  • mitigating school dropouts of children in Uganda especially in rural areas through streamlining extracurricular activities, professional counseling for the vulnerable learners and sensitizing parents and children about the value of education as well as mentoring and coaching..
  • soliciting relief and emergency needs for the communities disadvantaged by drought, famine, flood and other natural and human disaster.

supporting environmentally friendly income generating activities among the indigent communities to ensure that the children are in school and not involved in child labor to supplement the income for the rural communities